Me and my Timeline

I already told you a bit about me and the bureau here and received a lot of compliments. ❤ Some people asked me to tell more about my life experience in Brazil and about the branding projects that I loved to join. It was feeling very nostalgic to review my photographic albums and it’s always gratifying to show my portfolio, I hope that you will enjoy it as well.

Childhood – Small girl with great curiosity


I grew up in a small city from Brazil and had the amazing opportunity to play in contact with nature. My parents always encouraged me to know about my origin – my grandparents were German immigrants. And I developed my ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures since I was a child. I always was curious and passionate about art: photography, ballet, fashion… it made me dream to study, travel and even to be an entrepreneur abroad, following the example of my parents and grandparents.


Teenager – The beginning of everything


When I was a teenager I did my best to listen all learnings from my parents who are fashion industry entrepreneurs. With the following thought in mind: “the client is the king”, I was a personal stylist concerned to make people to feel unique and special. This experience helped me to understand about consumer behaviour – years later my research about Herzog brand (clothes’ stores) was published on an academic magazine. My study was focused on consumer behaviour and fashion lifestyle, which inspired me to create communication materials for Herzog brand.

Besides of leadership vision, the most important learning from my parents was to build a reputation applying business with society values. I believe that, in terms of values, my main differential is to believe in the power of inclusiveness. Since I was a teenager, I was concerned with donations and sustainability. And I remember that me and my mother loved to help young girls, who had the dream to be models, through sponsorship and personal styling.


Adult Life – Work Experience Timeline

Aclive – Brazilian advertising agency (


This was a PR event organised by a traditional restaurant (Casa Silva) for the woman day. I joined a lecture about personal style in partnership with the personal stylist Ingrid Sauer.


Guilhermina Shoes – Guilhermina is a Brazilian fashion luxury brand (

Guilhermina (1)
Photo: Guilhermina

This is the first fashion parade of Guilhermina who received an invitation from the designer R. Rosner to join the renowned São Paulo Fashion Week. I had the opportunity to manage digital marketing content and strategy for this beautiful spectacle which was inspired in the deconstruction of princess’ love.

Guilhermina (3)
Photo: Guilhermina
Guilhermina (2)
Photo: Guilhermina


Bischoff Group – Founded by Jorge Bischoff, known as one of the major footwear designers in Brazil and CEO of a successful franchising system, Bischoff Group is a creative studio responsible for the Jorge Bischoff ( and Loucos & Santos ( brands.


Jorge Bischoff –Fashion parade: “A Love Supreme”

Photo: Jorge Bischoff


With the name of a John Coltrane’s song – “A Love Supreme”, this Jorge Bischoff collection was inspired by Nouvelle Vague and has the special touch of authentic Preciosa® crystal.

The Brazilian top models Ana Claudia Michels and Mariana Weickert presented a minimalist and exuberant aesthetic from Jorge Bischoff and Samuel Cirnansck designs. And I had the pleasure to manage the digital content, in real time, in partnership with a communication agency and other colleagues.  It was an unforgettable experience… the great emotion to see Brazilian stars and influencers appreciating a brand that I love and worked for, besides of mass media effects!

Photo: Jorge Bischoff
Photo: Jorge Bischoff



Loucos & Santos – Enjoy Collection

Photo: Loucos & Santos

To represent the vanguard attitude and Loucos & Santos’ freedom of expression, the brand invited Giovanna Ewbank, Brazilian actress and model to be the advertisement girl of Enjoy collection. I had the honour to join this brilliant process of brand repositioning, specially related to digital marketing experience, in partnership with brand leaders and a communication agency.

Photo: Loucos & Santos


Well! This was just a resume of the jobs that I loved to do in Brazil. Here, in UK, I joined Brand Leadership course and worked in branding projects for real clients. I will tell more about his multicultural experience and my job as freelancer soon. Please keep an eye here! 😉


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