Away to Mars: “100% user-created”

Fashion industry is all about novelty and is an ever-changing business. With the advance of social media and emerging designers, it is difficult to face competition when it doesn’t have enough resources to bring sketches into life.

Away to Mars is an online platform “100% user-created”, founded by a Brazilian entrepreneur, Alfredo Orobio, in 2015. The website purpose is to allow a global community to submit designs and work together. The most popular creations are produced and taken to market – creatives submit their designs to the website and at the end of process the designs with more likes have the chance to receive 20% of profit if they sell on the platform.



The brand aims to communicate with a young audience which is familiar with digital platforms and communities and that grown up in a reality where it is convenient to share ideas and to connect with others.

For Maks Fus Mickiewicz, senior journalist, consumer power is getting more and more expressive. “Fashion brands are realising that to stay ahead of the game they need to move away from imposing their aesthetic on others.” Innovative brands believe in the importance of dialogue and co-creation with consumers. Mickiewicz says that It’s about fashion companies letting go of the idea of the creative genius at the top.”


One of the brands that has partnership with Away to Mars is the Brazilian brand Melissa, which constantly invests on democratisation of design and inclusivity. The collaboration Melissa + Away to Mars reinforces Melissa’s tradition of co-creation with consumers, with the plus to receive inspirations coming  from “any age, continent or background”.


More about this collaboration here:


Do you want to know more about Melissa and its relationship with art? Click here! 😊

UK student? Please click here to check the opportunity to create your own design and to be the new Melissa’s collaborator.


Photos: Melissa

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