About Me and The Bureau


My name is Gabriela, I am a Brazilian native and German citizen with more than 10 years of experience in design and fashion branding.


I am passionate about fashion and art since I was a little girl… I am imaginative, curious and open-minded to meet new people and places! My childhood in Rolante, small city of RS (Brazil) was lovely and it still inspires me to work with creativity and good humour, bringing people together!



The Fashionista Bureau brings multiculturalism, innovation and curiosity to remove barriers of communication and boundaries. I will love to tell you about Brazilian fashion/design and about news of creative industry in Britain to share thoughts and conversations, ok? 😉 ❤


Let’s start with the mood board of inspiration…

It was inspired by the myth of founder and it has the beautiful colour of Brazilian sky and ocean. the tropical style of nature’s abundance and paradise can be found in Brazilian literature, popular culture and design.

2018-51-14 09-51-58

Here, in the blog, I will always talk with a fresh look to demystify stereotypes and provoke emotions as art does.




More about me…


A book that inspired me….

Louis Vuitton – because the fusion between art, fashion architecture is fascinating!

2018-58-14 09-58-40


If I should define my style in a word it would be…

Feminine – I love dresses and people say that I am delicate and strong at the same time! 😀



A Brazilian city that I love….

Gramado – It has German and Italian influences in architecture and a wonderful nature.



Please click here to see my inspirations on Pinterest!


That’s all for today, I will love to share with you my experiences and ideas. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestion and until the next post.

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