The Disney Dream

In the year that the most famous Mouse of all times completes his 90th’s birthday, Mickey and his crew have the fashion visibility of supermodels and iconic brands.

Prestigious international fashion runways counted on Disney characters to impress exigent influencers, such as celebrities, editors and critics. The result is magical and full of charm… For Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, chief executive of Chloé, “Disney characters are so powerful in terms of collaborations with other brands [because] there’s an element of innocence, and also fantasy. You can push your imagination outside the real world and dream.”

Opening Ceremony’s Disneyland show | Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Disney


Agua de Coco - SPFW N46out/2018

foto: Sergio Caddah / FOTOSITE
São Paulo Fashion Week | ÁGUA DE COCO Backstage | Fotos: Sergio Caddah / Ag. FOTOSITE

Often, the answer for such success can be explained with nostalgia and deep human feelings. Through memorable experiences and storytelling, Disney enables precious brand experiences for different cultures. The challenge is always to connect with people as they grow up, keeping relevance of brand.


Disney: “yesterday and tomorrow”

The Walt Disney goal was achieved from the moment that amazing worlds constructed by consumers imagination became reality – Disney is a place to dream! However, in 1955, when Disneyland was launched, consumer behaviours were different…

Disneyland, 1955 | Getty Images for Disney
Disneyland, 1955 | Getty Images for Disney


Currently, consumers expect to feel immersed in brand experiences, interacting with characters, scenarios and adventures, but not only in playgrounds. An example of Disney immersive experience is the Star Wars hotel, which will be inaugurated in 2019. It is a two-day narrative experience to feel a “citizen of galaxy” and forget the world around you.

Star Wars Hotel | Credit: Disney


Contemporary culture also adores “to gamify” public spaces which is interesting to spread brand identity. As an example, it is possible to cite Hidden Mickey that challenges Disneyland visitors to discover Mickey Mouse silhouettes on sidewalks, stores and public areas.

A Hidden Mickey in a shop in the Morocco pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World | Photo: UpstateNYer


Through experiences that go beyond sales, Disney is an inspiring brand that empowers adult imagination and children playfulness. Such powerful feelings attached to these experiences generates brand loyalty and profitable businesses.

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